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Title: Migrating to a New Board
Post by: msannomalley on January 26, 2018, 08:21:13 CST
I've decided that I'm going to change board software, which means that we will get a new board. The main reason why is that Simple Machines doesn't have enough in place to help me with a bot infestation. Yeah, Russian bots found my board.

The other reason is that the solutions they have in place break the board. This is the main cause of the issues in the past few days. I can have anti-spam measures in place but no working board, or have a working board, but have to deal with the bots.

The board is here. You can register an account. Avatars are not working as of yet, but you can upload one of your own if you want. They must be no bigger than 200 x 200. (

I will be changing this board to read-only and I will leave it up for archive purposes.