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Title: Man Down
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So here is the first installment of a fic of unknown length. I happily accept criticism! Not being super familiar with BOTP verse, I may make some mistakes...feel free to point them out ;)

No warnings for content at this point!

CHAPTER ONE: New Neighbors

Saturday afternoon, Camp Parker, main residence

It’s some time before I realize the usual noise of my resident teenagers has abated. The massive house is still. I wander over to the window and look out over the lawn. Still nothing. I’m stiff from sitting at my desk all morning and I convince myself that a walk will do me good, even if it ends with finding Keyop dangling from somewhere he absolutely shouldn’t be.

Outside the summer air is heady with pine and roses. The sound of gunshots on the breeze determines my first destination and I head over the hill to the shooting range. While Jason is the least likely to be the one causing trouble, he is usually the easiest to find.

The range is busy, but no Jason. I stop by the garage, the gym and the kitchen without finding any of them. All of their vehicles are here... the access stairs for the roof are pulled down and I can hear voices. Aha. The forbidden play place.

When they were much younger, they’d been fascinated by the widows walk and its “views to forever” as Tiny called it. With the addition of Keyop to our family, I’d declared the roof off limits. They were older now and purposely jumped from far higher heights on a regular basis. The roof was just a place to be alone now.

“Whoa. What are they doing? That’s going to be a gi-normous pool!”

“Keyop, I don’t think they’re building a pool. It looks more like an underground hangar to me.”
“You don’t think Spectra would be dumb enough to build a base right next to us, do ya?” Tiny, always surprised at Spectra’s ability to do stupid

“Nothing would surprise me anymore. We should tell the skipper about this when he gets here. If he thinks it’s worth investigating, then we can tell the Chief.”

There’s my cue. “Tell me what?” All three of the boys are sitting indian style on a blanket, Tiny with drone controls in his hand. Keyop caves first.


“Say Again?” Sometimes he speaks so quickly he sounds like a humming bird. Jason steps in for him.

“We have new neighbors. Somebody bought the old Hilltop hotel and they’re doing some interesting renovations.”

“Why are you spying on them with G-sec technology?” I attempt to keep my voice mild, though I’m angry they have several thousand dollars of top secret equipment on the roof. “Why are you spying at all?”

Tiny chimes in with a perfectly innocent excuse. “We were just tryin’ to get some flight time in before we actually needed it on a mission, Chief. Honest.”

“We didn’t even know somebody was using the place next door, Sir. Since Tiny is a better pilot than me, but I would be more likely to deploy the drone in the field, I wanted to get some flight time while I had Tiny to coach me. The old hotel seemed like a perfect place to practice.”

Jason being entirely reasonable is irrefutable.  I climb the rest of the way onto the widows walk, joining them. He’s an exceptional marksman and a natural behind the wheel, but an awful pilot. The adjoining property was an old resort, crumbling in on itself over the years. The broken windows and toppled outbuildings would indeed have been an excellent place to practice. If they lost the drone, a short hike through the woods would be all that was needed to retrieve it.

“So, how does it handle? Compared to the first models?” Before he can answer, Tiny’s attention is drawn back to the small screen on the controller.

“What the sam hill is that!?” He points at the screen and Jason leans in, squinting against the light. “Are they firing on us?”

Keyop leans over Jason and Tiny’s shoulders, blocking more of the light but also jostling the controller out of Tiny’s hands.

“Dammit Keyop! You-“ A small explosion on the horizon stops Jason’s recriminations mid-sentence. Two sets of wide eyes swing back to me,  but my second in command picks up the controller and immediately hands it to me. “Can we get the video off this?”

“I believe we can. Lets take this to the lab and see what, exactly, just happened.”
I don’t want to jump to conclusions until I have more to work with, but it seems our enemies may be our new neighbors after all.
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Good start, I like the acknowledgement of weakness and strengths from a young age by the Chief, and the mission. I can picture that!! ;)
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I like all Anderson-related stories and this is shaping up to be quite exciting, so hurry up and continue it, ED!
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So here's chapter two and three, warnings for mild language!

CHAPTER TWO: Maybe it’s not what it seems

After two hours of reviewing the footage over and over, we are agreed. Yes, the new neighbors did shoot down the drone. The other footage is inconclusive. An impressive amount of work has been done without G-sec being any the wiser, but what, exactly they are doing is a mystery.

“I’ll call in Dr. Davis and her team. They can handle this from here on out.”

Jason is unsurprisingly against this plan.

“What? Isn’t this the same team that should have known about this before we did?”

“Perhaps. They’ve been busy trying to run down all the suspicious activity in the surrounding district. It may be a legitimate building permit for all we know. Domestic will handle this until it’s proven to be a real threat. You’re dismissed.”

The three boys file out, Jason’s body language shouting his protest in every move.

Corrine is efficient, but every available property for sale within a thirty mile radius of the hill has been purchased within the last two months. The buyer paid asking price, in cash. Every purchase came back to one of three dummy corporations and behind that waited a morass of mis-information and dead ends. We don’t know why or who and that makes everybody nervous. The Hilltop is another piece of the puzzle for her team to fit in place.

“Jason. A moment please.” He’s already out the door, but he hears me and comes back, assuming his usual stance by the door. “Just to be prepared, you should review security in that sector. You have special clearance to do what you think is necessary to keep an unobtrusive eye on our new neighbors. It may not be what it seems but we can’t afford to be caught with our proverbial pants down.”

He straightens imperceptibly and nods before racing to catch Tiny and Keyop. I get up and close the door behind him. I have more work to do before I can quit for the day. I set up a meeting with Dr. Davis and her team for tomorrow morning, four AM and return to my unending to do list.

Some hours later my eyes need a break and I let them rest on a picture of the team and me on a rare day off together. I look at Mark, trying to find anything of Cronus in him. Maybe it’s there in the attitude.

He’s on Riga, running an intensive combat training session for our latest field recruits. I won’t call him back until I absolutely need him. We both need time away from each other. After fourteen years of daily contact, his absence has given me space to realize how much time and energy go into keeping him ambulatory. I feel guilty for even thinking it, there’s reason for hostility on both sides.

Since Col. Cronus death and the subsequent revelations, Mark and I have barely spoken to each other. Familiar pain twists my gut, followed by anger. Keeping his secrets has cost me, how much is still in calculation. I pour a glass of scotch and raise it towards the ceiling. Sköal, Marshall. You bastard.

After a deep draught I wipe my eyes and get back to business. Tomorrows schedule. I have a meeting with the leader of the FA9’s. I know nothing about him or his operation. They’ve been forced on me by Kane to replace Impulse squad. I run several search programs without any luck and set Zark on the task of finding information. The tin-can can earn his keep while I get some sleep. The rhyme makes me chuckle as I close my system down for the night and head off to bed. If I’m lucky, I won’t dream.
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CHAPTER THREE: Smoke and Mirrors

By the time most people are reaching for consciousness, I’ve set Dr. Davis and her team on the trail of the new neighbors, met with Red Rangers high command and finished morning briefs with internal, domestic and galactic affairs. Janice brings me breakfast and a pot of fresh coffee at eight on the nose. I have an hour before the commander of the FA9’s is here and I use it to see what Zark has found.

Three measly pages of obfuscation. The entire company seems to be mostly smoke and mirrors. I pray there is more to them, Earth needs this security blanket. G-force can’t be everywhere at once, nor do they have time to gather intelligence. All I can do is wait.

The FA9’s representatives are prompt, a point in their favor. I make them wait ten minutes without explanation, just to see what he will do. I call Janice into my office to get her input on our guests.

“So. What do you think?” Janice has been with me since I took over from Conway, we work well together and I trust her instincts.

“The commander has been patiently working on her laptop while she waits. Her second is also working.” She laughs at the expression on my face. “Not expecting a woman?”

“I don’t know what I was expecting. Every communication from them only has a title on it, never a name.” I access the waiting room cameras and zoom in its occupants. Something is not right here and it’s not the giant subsuming my setee. It takes me a moment to see the problem. The woman never takes a breath. I check for electronic transmissions and find none originating from the waiting room. Hmmmm.


“Yes Chief?” The high pitched, tinny voice sounds in my ear piece.

“Scan the beings in the waiting room.”

“Of course. I have several top of the line scanner-“

I cut it off before it can waste too much of my time. “Just a general scan please.” It gripes me to say please to a robot, but it’s touchy and I need the operating system for other things today.

After a moment an image shows up on my monitor. There are two humanoids in the waiting room, flanking a Simulacrum. I let out the breath I’ve been holding and reach for my coffee.

“I don’t detect any harmful substances or explosives Chief.”

“Thank you Zark.” I lean back in my chair and take a sip. The grimace on my face sends Janice to the coffee pot for a fresh cup.

Several races in the galaxy can’t breathe our atmosphere and many just use an avatar for security reasons. I hope the LHC of the FA9’s is using hers for the latter. Whatever her/his reasons, the simulacrum shouldn’t have made it past security. More smoke and mirrors. She puts a fresh cup on the desk and takes the old one from my hand.

“Let’s get this over with. Send them in.” Nothing spectacular so far. I don’t want a replacement for Marshall. I like new technology. New weapons are great. New people are harder to adjust to.
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I think Anderson is a man who has many secrets he doesn't share with the team. I can see the plot developing, so will wait a few more chapters to comment since a twist is coming right.  ;)
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Sorry for the delays! In the middle of house reno and have to wait for the weekend, when it's quiet!
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Reno's! I understand that one. Finished ours last year...well almost.
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I think almost is as close as anyone gets to finished with a house! ;)
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CHAPTER FOUR: Mumbles under breath and stalks off

As the team of representatives enters, I stand and walk around my desk, meeting them halfway. Janice makes introductions as I shake hands and try to get a feel for the FA9’s.

“Shall we?” I gesture to the large couches adjacent to my desk. “You might be more comfortable here.” Lieutenant Anjel flashes a lopsided grin before sitting down. He knows it’s for him. I have to strain my neck to look him in the eyes and I’m six three. Next to him, the simulacrum is tiny, a petite bundle of contained energy with bland features and short black hair. The third in their party, Jade, says nothing but offers a friendly smile when we’re introduced.

Janice delivers a tray of drinks and leaves, closing the door behind her. Pleasantries aside, we can get down to business. May as well get this over with.

“I’ve gone over the contract you signed with President Kane, I understand the parameters but I’d like to narrow the scope. If you don’t mind.”

Queenie, as the LHC has introduced herself, takes a moment to reply.

“Of course. We will be happy to stay inside your protocols, as long as they’re clear.” Another pause. “But only as they pertain to missions directly involved with your G-force team. Any other actions undertaken by the FA9’s will be governed by the  usual conventions and our own code.” Her gaze is direct as she stirs her coffee.

I find myself distracted by the simulacrum itself. Most are fairly one dimensional but this one is quite realistic. It moves on it’s own and portrays subtle emotion that would be lost on a lesser model. I wonder if it is mimicking the motion of it’s owner before pulling myself back to the present. “There are a few things we must agree on before you meet the team.Anjel stifles a snort by rubbing his nose, but neither Queenie nor Jade miss a beat.

“While we welcome the chance to meet your team, we have encountered them on several occasions, I think introductions would only be a formality.”

This catches me by surprise. I make a note to ask Jason about it. None of the team has mentioned any encounter with an unknown entity in their briefs. “I see. I’ll have Janice contact you and set up a meeting.”

The rest of the meeting was spent establishing lines of communication and hashing out peculiarities of when and how we would be working together. The FA9’s were professional but relaxed, promising an easy transition for both sides. A chime in my ear signaled an end of meeting and I stood, holding out my hand to Queenie and her companions.

“Again, thank you for coming.” This time I actually meant it. “I look forward to working with you in the coming months.”

Queenie stayed behind as Anjel and Jade waited in the hall. “I’m sorry about Marshall.” The simulacrum peered up at me. “He was a good man. There can’t be many people left who know who you really are.” She clasped my hand between hers, the skin warm and dry. Panic blooms in my chest as what she said sinks in. I pull my hand free before my palms start to sweat.

I meet her gaze without flinching. “Perhaps next time you’ll come in person. Avatars and simulacrums need to be cleared in advance.”

She regards me with a slightly quizzical expression.  “Your security should have detected my simulacrum before it entered the building.” She let go of my hand and turned to leave. “I hope the rest of your agency has higher standards, Chief, or you won’t outlive your friend by very long.”

Fury flares white hot as I escort her to the elevators. I make myself wait until the doors close before I retreat to my office. After I shut the door I indulge in a glass of scotch, poured with a shaky hand.

I make note of who was on my security team and who was working the atrium, then call Ron Hauck, my chief of internal security for a meeting a.s.a.p.

I do not like being schooled by someone I’ve never seen in person. The FA9’s would appear to have far more knowledge of us than we do of them. Anxiety chews it’s way through my guts as an unpleasant undertone but I cannot, will not let it show.

After I hand Ron his butt on a platter the rest of the day goes fairly smoothly. During the usual meetings and diplomatic requests, my mind wanders, looking for an answer to her cryptic comment. When the lunar councillor asks me a question for the second time, I force myself to put it aside and focus on work.

CHAPTER FIVE: Never let them see you sweat

All four available members of the team sit across from me, patiently waiting for me to finish what I’m doing. We’ve been lucky, Spectra seems to be lying low for now. The few resources they have expended for now. I can’t expect this calm to last. I must get the FA9’s up to speed and integrated with our way of doing things. Princess starts to fidget and I close my computer.

“I need to know if any of you have encountered these people on any mission.” The security footage comes up on the main screen. I watch the team, looking for any sign of dishonesty. Jason, Princess and Keyop lean forward, paying close attention to the footage.

“Can you play the first part back again?” Jason’s tone tells me he has seen at least one of them before. I play the film again.

“I’ve run into him before. I think.” Princess points to the smaller man. “He doesn’t speak?”

I nod. Jason speaks up next.

“The giant guy. Definitely not somebody I’d forget. I’ve come across him a couple of times, just not with her.”

Keyop chimes in with more. “Badass--running to--not from.” There’s a grudging admiration in their tone, not something they give easily.

“Has the commander seen them as well?” The idea that they deliberately hide things from me has been smoldering in the back of my mind since yesterday.

Jason nods, only the tiniest acknowledgement. “He has.”

“Why has this been left out of your reports?”

He looks me in the eyes as he answers. “They have our hailing frequencies and the correct codes. We assumed you knew about them or at the least the Federation sent them. Were we incorrect?” His tone is mild but I can see the tension building in his posture. I make a conscious effort to relax my own.

“If they had the right information you could not have known they weren’t from the Federation. I’m just curious about why nobody ever thought to mention them in your reports.”

Princess jumps in, always ready to defend Mark. “If we mentioned every person we encountered...” She trails off, looking to Jason for confirmation.

“Do you want a list of every person we don’t know that helps us out or that we encounter on a mission? It’ll be a veeery long list. Ninety percent of the time we just pass them coming or going. They’ve helped us out a couple of times but I don’t know who, exactly they are.”

“I agree with Jason that the woman in the footage is not the one we normally see. I’ve never seen this woman before.”

In the interest of keeping them on my side, I decide honesty is a better tactic. “That is a simulacrum.”

“A simuwhat?” Tiny leans over and elbows Keyop as he leans in to look closer.

“A simulacrum. A physical avatar. Less than A cyborg, more than a robot. Most sims look like their owners, apparently not true in this case.” I look at Jason and princess for confirmation.

“That is not the woman we always see.” Neither of them shows any sign if deception. “Who are they?”

“The FA9’s. I’m not going to tell you what it stands for.” If the lost boys grew up and started a company, this would have been something they chose. “They’ll be your new backup. Officially this time.”

“Oh.” Princess’s tone tells me what Mark will think of this. She looks away, using her hair to hide her expression. I know she’s been communicating with him while he’s on Riga. There will be trouble on that front, but not for another few years. For now I choose to ignore their flirting.

“I’m calling Mark back to active duty tomorrow.” She positively glows at this news. “Wednesday you’ll have all day practice together.” I look at Jason. “Don’t go easy on him, I need you all in top form to meet the FA9’s.” He’s done an excellent job in Marks absence. “With the exception of Jason, you’re dismissed.” They slowly head towards the door, not sure if they should stay out of loyalty to Jason. He moves to sit in a chair by my desk, without looking at them. After a moment he sends them out. “Go guys. I’ll catch you later at Jill’s.” He levels his gaze somewhere on my tie as he waits for me to speak.

When he first came to me, I treated him the same way I treated Mark. After a week or two it became apparent he was not at all the same. Mark would ghost away, only reappearing when he’d found a way to deal or absorb whatever the drama of the day, week, month was. Jason needs to talk it out. We spent many a late night sitting in the big chair in my study, talking through anything and everything. I’m happy he doesn’t know how much those nights wrecked me.

“You have done an excellent job commanding the team this last two months.” I’m careful not to use words like filling in. I don’t want him to feel like he’s just a place holder for Mark. “As always. Do you want a commendation in your file?” Mark lives for these, Jason considers them, “stupid”. On rare occasions he feels like he’s actually earned one though, so I always ask. He waves a dismissive hand, that’s a no.

“How did the new surveillance lines go?” I’ve seen his report, but I want to hear it from him.

“Every time we put up a new camera, it malfunctions. But only if we point it at them. Turn it to our property and it works fine. They’re using a jamming system we are not familiar with.” He shrugs. “Princess is on it.”

The more I can’t see what’s going on, the more I want to. Human nature at it’s best and most dangerous.

“I think it’s time to use something more high-tech.”

“Like?” His lopsided grin is as close to interest as he’ll let me see.

“Satellite surveillance. I’ll have Dr. Davis appropriate and geosync one of ours.”

“This might be the only way. I’d like permission to test just how good their security is, as soon as the commander returns, of course.”

“I’ll consider it. Lets get the combined session out of the way first, okay?” Tension has leached out over the course of our conversation, we’ve made it through the breach once again. “Dismissed.”
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The next installment! Should I, or would you be interested in seeing part of the story from another p.o.v.? Let me know if you are!

CHAPTER SIX: The commander returns

My muscles ache from holding myself still as I wait for Mark’s return. I’ll be hitting the gym after this, if only to work through my own issues. His plane taxis over and he hops out. A good sign. His gaze is direct but frigid, and after a formal briefing we part ways.

I care deeply for all my children, even the ones that don’t currently want me to. It’s hard not to interfere when I see them floundering. Mark’s anger is justified and I’ll let him have it. A tiny part of me wishes he would put his anger where it would be better served, but blaming the dead is as futile. Better he work through it now. If he needs to keep the hero image of his father to function, so be it. A hand on my shoulder catches me unawares and I twist away from it without thinking.

“Whoa there. A little jumpy today?” Thaddeus Kane gives a hearty laugh and grabs my hand for a too firm shake. “Good to have the Commander back, eh?”

I can see Jason flinch behind him. No help for it, all I can do is shift the subject as we head toward my office.

CHAPTER SEVEN: Immovable objects

 By Friday morning I feel like the team is ready for anything the FA9’s can throw at them. They’re prompt as always, the simulacrum once again filling in for the real thing. I scan the FA9’s looking for the real Queenie, but there’s no one that fits the description. Her comment from last time has been eating at me. Seeing her in person might help me find out if she’s bluffing or if she actually knows something she shouldn’t. The simulacrum joins me in the observation deck as our teams warm up. Since we’re alone, I decide to be direct with the Lord High Commander.

“Don’t make me have to issue a direct order to appear Commander.”

“Don’t make me have to defy it.” Her gaze is intractable. “I’ll meet you in person soon enough.”

I fight the urge to clear my throat and focus my attention on the team she’s brought with her today. “I hope you didn’t choose your youngest to go easy on the team.” This was a noticeably younger group than her companions the other day.

“Ha! No, I brought the ones that need more experience. This will be a good lesson not to judge by a stupid costume.” The simulacrum gazes placidly out the clearsteel window. “Will you be using live rounds?”

“Wouldn’t a good commander want to know that before hand?” Her dig about the uniforms rankles me more than it should.

“A good commander prepares for the worst. My people are armored against small ordinance. Expectation changes any exercise. I wouldn’t have told them if I did know.”

“Won’t you be joining them?” I wander over to the coffee tray and pour myself a cup, tired is a state of being. I sit and gesture for her to as well. She sits before she answers me.

“Dägony is entirely capable of leading this exercise. I join my people when we’re deployed.” She waved a hand at the training room. “Besides, this simulacrum isn’t designed for combat.”

An interesting nugget. So they have ones that are? I lean forward a push the intercom button. “Let’s begin the simulation.”
Four hours later both teams are wrung out. The FA9’s have a totally different fighting style, but picked up on the teams moves quickly. All in all a good day.

“Commander, It’s been...interesting.” I shake the simulacrum’s hand. “ Can I expect your actual presence at our next meeting?”

There’s that oddly familiar head tilt again. “We will see, Chief Anderson. Enjoy your weekend.”
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The next installment! Should I, or would you be interested in seeing part of the story from another p.o.v.? Let me know if you are!

What is the story telling you to do? If it seems to be telling you that you need to change the p.o.v., then give it a try. Since I don't know where this story's going, I can't say anything more than "go with your gut".
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I agree with EW, it's your story, ED, write it how it wants to be written!
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Simulacrum... I like the use of them and the explanation. I feel there is more to come of them and in the enemy camp.

P.O.V- Depends, this is first person so it follows the view of the one telling the story. One of my favourite authors tells it totally from her main character, she just finds other ways in his view to present the story and give it a broader scope while remaining in first person. So far its reading well. I'm getting the picture of Mark and Andersons personal issues. Jason's stepping up.
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Thanks guys! I'll have to play with it and see what I like best!
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CHAPTER EIGHT: Weekends are for...

I’m on my way to my office upstairs when the doorbell rings; I draw my weapon and rack it. It’s the weekend. The kids aren’t here. It should be impossible for anyone to ring the doorbell at Camp Parker. It rings again before I get to the front door and I hide my gun behind my back. No point in scaring an innocent bystander.

Standing on my doorstep is a woman with a box of parts in her hands. I step outside and casually look around for my so called security team before addressing my visitor. Nothing. Damn.

“Can I help you?” I make a conscious effort to seem relaxed.

“I thought I’d bring your drone back.  What’s left of it.” She put down the box and held out a hand. “I’m Leighann, your new neighbor.”

Oh. I take a closer look as I shake her hand. Tallish, dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, with reddish blonde hair in a ponytail. Blue eyes gaze at me out of an oval face sprinkled with freckles. Attractive. And somehow familiar.

“Are you going to invite me in?”

I was not. Curiosity can definitely maim the cat, even if it doesn’t kill it. Where the hell is my security team?

She tilts her head sideways, waiting for an answer. Then it clicks. This is the LHC of the FA9’s. My new neighbor.

“You said you wanted to meet me in person. I didn’t know it was business casual Saturday.” There’s a trace of sarcasm in her voice.

I am wearing my usual dress slacks and button down.

“No. You look...fine. Come in. I’m pretty sure I remember how to make coffee, if you’d care for some?”

She follows me, box in hand, to the kitchen. “Just put that anywhere.” I rifle through the cabinets looking for coffee until my housekeeper appears in the doorway.

“What can I make for you Chief?” Mrs. Haggart was not fond of me trying to help myself.

“Can you bring coffee service to my office?”

“Aye.” This and a curt nod were all I was going to get. She didn’t so much as glance at the LHC.

“Thank you Mrs. Haggart.” I snagged the box and the Lord High Commander on my way out. I’ll admit to being slightly terrified of Mrs. Haggart.

As soon as we were out of the kitchen, the commander pulled her hand from mine. I hadn’t even been aware I was holding it.

“Oh my Gods! She’s terrifying!” She leaned against the wainscoting and dissolved into laughter. For the first time in a long time I let myself join in. “We should send her to cook for Zoltar...”

The picture in my head of Zoltar cowering in fear of my housekeeper makes me wheeze with laughter as we make our way to my office.

“It wasn’t that funny.” She dropped into a chair by the window.

“It’s good to know it’s not just me.” I start to sit behind my desk, then change my mind and sit in the other chair. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person Commander.”

“Please, just call me Leighann. I’d prefer to keep my work and private life separate if you don’t mind?” She waved a hand in the air. “Security is easier that way.”

One of my security detail brought the coffee and a light lunch and quickly departed. I took note of his name for later.

“It’s not really his fault, you know.” She sipped her drink before continuing. “We use some technology they just aren’t prepared for. And your systems are easily breached.”

“How did you get here without being seen?” I keep my tone mild, but I’m fuming.

“This.” She pushed a button on her phone and disappeared.

I got out of my chair and walked around the now empty one on the other side. On the third turn I noticed a shimmer where the sun hit whatever this was just so. I reached out to test the edges of the field and she suddenly re-appeared.

“It’s not a good idea to push the parameters. One of us might have a shocking experience.”

“May I?” I held out my hand for the device. She pulled a small pin out of her hair and handed it to me. “That’s it?” There wasn’t room for a power source. I turned the pin over in my palm, ignoring her smirk at my confusion.

“The pin is a passive transmitter. My phone supplies the power. It’s a simple trick of the light...” She put down her cup and stood. “Let me show you.”


Damn. He’d been so close! She’d seen it working it’s way across his face before a newer connection was made. She shrugged. There was no reason for him to connect her with someone long dead.

The sun fell in dappled pools as she walked back through the forest adjoining their respective properties, presenting playful patterns on the path. She shook off the lingering disappointment and set her mind towards the rest of her day.

This planet. So rich. So beautiful. Perfectly positioned for habitation. Too bad it was already occupied. The new headquarters was coming along nicely. All the underground facilities were in and covered. Tonight was the first test of the hangar doors. The heavy equipment was moving in, along with all their gear.

The path opened onto a large lawn and her second in command, Rob Anjel.

“How’d it go?” He fell into step beside her.

“I wouldn’t want to be the guy in charge of security...” She smirked. “Heads are most likely rolling right now.”

“I would expect mine on a platter if he walked up to our door unopposed.”

“And I’d make you do it yourself. With a dull knife. Their tech is pretty run of the mill. So much so that I wonder what I’m missing?” The smell of freshly watered grass drifted past, reminding her of the last time she was on Earth. “That can’t be all they use. There must be something else.”

Rob raised one raven wing of an eyebrow. “Roos and Abel can’t find anything. Nothing out of the ordinary for a government security run system. Maybe there isn’t anything else.” He stepped ahead of her and pushed open massive double doors leading to the cavernous front hall.

Her personal quarters were on the top floor of the old hotel and she gratefully sank into her favorite chair, placed so she could enjoy the sweeping city vistas. Her dresser, Kaigani, had finished unpacking and waited in the office. After a quick change back into uniform it was back to work.
 Nickolas Anderson would have to figure things out on his own. Just going there had technically been against the terms of her contract, but she wanted to see him face to face. Besides, if she hadn’t shown her face soon, he would have issued a direct order. It was Kane that needed, no demanded that nothing destroy Anderson’s focus until the war was won. But he’d been so close...
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I can see some of the plot forming here in the story. (I say that Spectra... and the hotel... Jason could be onto something here after all with the drone.
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You never know...
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Here's this weeks post! Short and sweet!


The whump of thousands stomping their feet in unison shakes the ground under my feet and my heart is hammering. I try to look away as they approach the raised platform, but my jailors hold my head up.

“Keep your eyes open or I’ll order them to make it slow...”

I sit bolt upright in bed, sheets clammy with sweat wrapped around me. Outside my window the steady thump of heli-jets works it’s way across the auditory horizon. I walk to the window and open the drapes. I can see the last of several enormous quad copters disappearing over the hill. The FA9’s are moving in.

I try going back to sleep, but memories surface every time I close my eyes. Some things you can never let go. Might as well get some work done. After a quick shower I head down to the kitchen for some coffee before heading to the office.

While I’m waiting for the satisfying gurgle and hiss to finish, I log on to my handie and add the dream to my journal. Keeping track of my nightmares helps me feel in control. Without control, I’m nothing more than a train wreck in a three piece suit.

Before I can pour a cup, an alert sounds on the small device, vibrating on the counter as Zark’s voice sounds in my ear.

“Chief! Susan just sent an alert! Another mecha is on it’s way!”

“Acknowleged. Scramble the team and call for transport to Center Neptune. Send me what you have.”

“Absolutely! My sensors are equipped to handle any number of tasks...”

I shut off the feed before it gets too far. I really need to replace that unit with something less...Zark.  My security team arrives  and we make our way outside to the heli-pad. Vega, my chief medical officer is waiting for us.

“What brings you out on this lovely...” I look at my watch, it’s three A.M. “Morning?”

“I was awake. My sleep cycle is still on Endarian time. Thought I’d catch a ride with you if you have room?”
“Of course. You’ll have to there anyway. How was your visit home?”

She laughs. “The usual. Not unpleasant, but not really enjoyable...if you know what I mean?”

I don’t so I just nod. The trasport is landing, all conversation is off until we’re inside. The ride to Center Neptune is uneventful and I spend it looking over the reports. Afterwards I decide to put the FA9’s on alert, even if it’s only for cleanup. I send a coded text and get an immedeate reply in the affirmative. That done, I check the status of the team. Everyone is enroute to pickup. We have enough advance notice on this one to brief at base. I sit back and try to relax for a few minutes. The nighmare still lingers, so I run though my litany to harness the fear and anger it left behind.

By the time we lock in at Center Neptune I’m ready to face whatever may come. The Phoenix is still dripping as maintenance rushes to fill the tanks and load ordinance. The team waits for me by the hangar doors, a show of respect. I’m not Dad here, I’m the boss. If there’s arguing to be done, we’ll do it in my office, with the doors closed. Mark’s face is carefully neutral, but there’s a sense of frustration emanating from the others. I’ll find out what’s going on later. For now, there’s a mecha on our doorstep.
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I'm on holiday until the end of February so I won't  be posting again until March!
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Thanks for the heads-up!
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Oh my gosh you guys! I did not mean to be gone this long! (Kitchen is still not done...) I’ll have something here soon!
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I'm enjoying this and intrigued so far. :) I'm happy with whatever POV you think suits the material!
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Thanks CW! I should have a new chapter or two ready this weekend!
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Awesome. :)
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I tend like different views. But its what suits the story.