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Lessons in Love
« on: June 05, 2017, 05:01:02 CDT »
A little fic that has been sitting on my harddrive for a good few years, I thought it was time to share.

it's unbeta's so any and all mistakes are my own. Characters are not mine, I make no profit yadda yadda yadda......

Lessons in Love

As usual, the J was deserted. Jun was sat alone at the bar, her elbows on the counter, her head resting on her hands. Her back was to the door, so Joe couldn’t see her face, but he guessed from her demeanour that she was upset about something, and it wouldn’t take a genius to work out what.

Or, more accurately, who.

He took the stool beside her, but she was so wrapped up in her thoughts, she barely registered his presence.

“Penny for them, Jun,” he asked, putting a hand on her shoulder.

After a short while, Jun finally sat up, yet she kept her face turned away, wanting to conceal the evidence of her distress.

She didn’t fool Joe for a minute. “Ok, so what’s he said this time?”

“Nothing, that’s the point,” Jun sighed despondently, “am I really so unattractive that I don’t deserve a second glance from him?”

“Hey, that’s enough of that!” Joe protested immediately, “You are certainly not unattractive. I mean as far as Ken goes, you could stand in front of him stark naked with a sign around your neck saying ‘Do me now!’ and he still wouldn’t bat an eyelid. That says more about him than you, don’t you think?”

“Are you trying to tell me he’s gay or something?” Jun looked at him at last, her eyes still red and swollen from the tears she’d spilt.

“What?! Oh no, far from it,” Joe tried to suppress his mirth, “what I mean is that while he knows you’re going to sit around and wait for him, then he has no motivation to try and earn your affection, does he. I mean, the minute he snaps his fingers you’ll go running into his arms and be grateful to him for letting you...”

“No, it’s not like that!”

“Are you sure? Because that’s how it looks to the rest of us.” Joe picked up a tissue from the counter and handed it to her.
“Look, stop making it so easy for him to take you for granted, get out there a bit, start flirting with some other guys, you don’t have to sleep with any, but show Ken that you do have other options and make him do some of the running too. It’s the only way you’ll find out exactly how he feels about you.”

“And if he doesn’t?” She sniffed, as she dabbed her eyes dry.

“Then you won’t be hanging around, wasting your life waiting for something that’s never going to happen. That would be a real tragedy.” He tipped her chin so she was looking him straight in the eye. “Come on, Jun, you’re young,  smart, naturally beautiful and as sexy as hell, any man should be proud to have you for themselves, just make sure they’re worth having you too.”

Jun blushed at that. “It’s sweet of you to say so, Joe, but I know you’re only trying to cheer me up.”

“I meant every word, and if you like, I could show you a few places where the men would fall over themselves to buy you a drink.”

“Are you asking me out on a date then?”

“Not exactly.” Joe backed off slightly, “more like two friends out on the pull.”

Jun considered it for a while; “Sure,” she agreed eventually, “why not.”


The bar he took her to was having a singles night. He found a decent table for them both, then went to get drinks, putting hers on the table. He raised his eyebrows at her as he noticed a group of guys over by the bandit who seemed to be glancing in her direction, so he quickly made himself scarce, finding himself a couple of pleasant looking girls hovering by the dance floor.

Sure enough, it wasn’t too long before one of the men broke from the group and went over to Jun’s table. Joe saw the beaming smile on her face as he sat and talked with her, and Joe relaxed, beginning to enjoy himself.

Similarly, Jun was having a great time too. As Joe had predicted, she had plenty of male attention, some she liked, others she certainly didn’t. A few of them bought drinks for her too, although most of them just wanted to chat or dance. She was more than happy to do both.

 All of them gave her their number. She had no intention of calling any though; she figured they would all think someone else got lucky with her. Although, something was telling her that that wasn’t too far from the truth. In between admirers, she took a sidelong glance across at Joe.
Making her way through the crowd, she nudged against him. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” she said quickly.

“It’s ok, no harm done.” He smiled at her, and she blushed. Thoroughly embarrassed, she rushed into a bathroom cubicle and locked the door behind her, resting her flushed face in her hands.

“So what about him then?” Jun sat up when she heard the voice, and made like she was busy in there.

“He’s a guy, just like any other... why him in particular?”

“Are you kidding? Do you know who he is?” the first one said in an excited tone, “Only that hot shot racing driver... trust me, I’ve seen him, he never loses.”

“Maybe so, but he’s after that dark haired lass, he’s been watching her all night.”

“Yeah, but when he realises we come as a pair... come on, it’s every guys dream come true... he won’t be able to resist. Double the chances of getting knocked up on the first try don’t you think?”

The second one audibly shuddered, “I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to.”

“Look, I’m not going to let you go through it alone babe, but if we want our own child, then we have to explore all the options.”

The sound of the next cubicle being locked and erotic groaning filling the air told Jun this was her cue to leave.

The slow music was just starting as she emerged from the bathroom. She found Joe at the bar, surprisingly alone for once.  Grabbing his arm, she pulled him onto the dance floor.

“What’s all this for?” he asked her, astonished at her sudden boldness.

“Dance with me?”

Joe shrugged. Why not, he thought. She was, for tonight at least, just another girl. He allowed her to lead him, then put his arms around her while they moved to the current song. She had to move in close for him to be able to hear her talk.
“Careful, you’re being targeted as a potential sperm donor,” she tried to tell him.

He hadn’t understood, so she cupped her hand around his ear and repeated her statement. He got the message that time, and when she saw the women concerned she turned him around to see them for himself.

Repeating her action to be heard, he put his mouth close to her ear, “Are you sure?”

“They were discussing you in the bathroom.”

“I dodged a bullet there then.” When she hadn’t understood he pushed a strand of her hair behind her ears and leant in again, “dodged a bullet.”

She smiled up at him and he hugged her tightly. The song came to an end, the next one started up and they stayed on the floor. Joe wasn’t sure whether if he was unable or simply unwilling to let her go, but the feel of her body under his hands, and the swell of her breasts pressed against him was intoxicating.

The crowd moved back, encircling the two of them, watching as the couple in the centre swayed softly in time to the music, each one wishing they could be in their place.

Joe and Jun were oblivious to all that though. As the song drew to an end, all that mattered was the moment. Joe leant in, brushing Jun’s lips with his, to the immense cheer of the crowd. Their lips lingered hesitantly, then connected totally, the kiss deepening in its intensity, making their heads spin.

Joe felt the beginning of his erection stirring in his jeans and pulled back, horrified with what he’d done. As the crowd resumed their earlier actions, he just stared at Jun, unable to form a coherent sentence. Once the fog in his brain cleared though, he turned and walked out of the building.

Momentarily stunned, Jun stayed rooted to the spot, simply watching him go.

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Re: Lessons in Love
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Joe pulled up outside his trailer. Slamming his car door, he entered and headed straight for the shower, stripping off and diving under the freezing cold jets, instantly cooling his ardour.

What the hell was he thinking? He couldn’t go there, not with Jun, it wasn’t right. She wanted Ken - end of story. He pressed his hand against the shower wall, bowing his head so the water sluiced through his hair and cascaded down his back, hoping to clear his mind of recent events.

His plan was almost successful.

The sound of the rushing water disguised the sound of her motorcycle parking up outside, and the first he knew of her arrival was with the trailer door being slammed so hard, it rocked the van on its moorings. Startled, Joe cut off the shower, and grabbed his towel, wrapping it hastily around his waist as he went to investigate.

“Remember what you said before?” Jun slurred, still drunk from the bar, “You said I could stand naked in front of Ken and beg him to do me, and he wouldn’t bat an eyelid.”  To Joe’s astonishment, she pulled off her t-shirt and unclasped her bra, allowing both items to casually drop to the floor. “So what will you do Joe?” she kicked off her shoes in his direction, and began to unzip her jeans. “Will you just stand there watching, or will you actually do something?”

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Jun? Get dressed, you’re drunk and not completely in control of your actions.”

“So are you saying you don’t find me attractive?” She dropped onto the closest seat as she pulled her feet from the tangle of clothing.

“That’s not the point, this isn’t you Jun, this is the drink talking, making you behave out of character.”

“So what do you want?” Finally, she kicked away the offending garments, as Joe averted his eyes. “I mean, I know you, I’ve seen you ogling the groupies at the track after a race. Now what do they have that I don’t?”

“Loose morals,” he replied simply. “Jun, you’re a hundred times better than them, and deserve someone who will treat you right. That’s not me, I don’t do relationships, and that type of women suit my needs. We both get what we want, then they leave and I don’t have to meet them again. ”

“I can be what you need Joe.” She made her way over to him, draping her arms casually around his neck. “Let me show you.” As he attempted to pull her arms from him, he felt her pressing against him, and his own body responding. Jun giggled, turning the situation to her advantage by shifting slightly to one side and pressing her thigh against his rapidly swelling member.

“We can’t do this.... it’s so wrong.” He groaned as his resolve rapidly vanished, “we’re still going to have to work together, and everything will have changed between us.....”

“I don’t care about that.....” Jun muttered between the soft kisses she was planting along his jaw line, “I know you want me, stop trying to resist.”

Damn, she knew him too well. He had to stop denying it to himself; this was more than carnal release. He tipped her face to look in her eyes, seeing for the first time the same hunger and desire he felt himself. But there was something else he couldn’t identify, he had never experienced with any woman he’d been with before.  He watched her lips, slowly parting with anticipation, and it was enough to drive him over the edge. Leaning in, he met her mouth with his own, surrendering himself completely to her.

“Junie....” he gasped, as he finally pulled away. She didn’t answer; instead, he took her hand and led her towards his tiny bunk at the rear of the van. Pulling the towel off him, he heard her gasp at the sight of his erection, “Are you sure you want this?” he asked, sensing her nervousness.

“Absolutely sure, Joe.” She positioned herself on the slim mattress, as he perched on the edge. Grinning, he leant over, kissing her softly at first, then more intensely as their emotions grew into a maelstrom of lust.


Joe woke to the bright sunlight shining in his eyes, and Jun still in his arms. Chinks of daylight shone through the gaps of the badly fitted curtains and shafts of radiance illuminated her features. He lay, admiring the sight that welcomed him, examining her body closer than he had ever done before.

It had been a night of firsts for both of them, if the staining on the sheets was anything to go by. For her it was obvious, but for him, she was the first woman to sleep in his bed, he usually took his women to the closest cheap motel. She was the first one he woke up with in the morning too, he never stayed overnight. She was without doubt his first virgin too, former virgin, he corrected himself, and the only one he had ever wanted to repeat the performance with.

She stirred slightly, slowly opening her brilliant green orbs.

“Morning beautiful.”

“Joe?” she sat up, looking momentarily confused, quickly replaced with shock when she saw the soiled bedding. “Last night really happened then?”

“It really happened,” he confirmed, almost remorsefully. “You don’t regret it, do you?”

She smiled. “No,” she told him.

The relief he felt was evident. He leant down to kiss her again, this time welcoming the familiar stirring in his loins which she inevitably provoked.

“Joe?” she muttered as he nestled into her neck.  “Is that how it always is?”

He chuckled, “Oh no, it gets better.”

“Was it really that bad then?”

 Joe hitched up on to his elbow. “Junie, it was your first time, I was going gentle with you.”


“Besides,” he continued, “it’s really refreshing to not have to perform a load of sexual acrobatics. When you’ve got a reputation like mine, it’s a lot to live up to.”

“You know all the tricks of the trade then?”

He grinned. “Well, I’ll only teach you my favourite ones.”

“Big head!”

“You know what they say? Big head, big...”

“Oh you’re incorrigible, you know.” She grabbed the pillow and whacked it across his head.

“What? I’m only saying I’m very well proportioned, that’s all.” He may have sounded affronted, but he was grinning as he spoke.

“Well, there’s no argument there,” she sat astride him, running her hands over his well toned chest and firm abs.

“Mmmm, I like this way too.”

When she looked quizzically at him he bucked his hips, demonstrating exactly what he meant.

“Oh, you’re so full of yourself.” She mocked playfully. He raised himself up on his elbows and kissed her sensuously, eliciting soft moans of lustful pleasure.

“Keep this up, babes, and you’re going to be full of me again too.”


They were running late by the time they finally managed to shower and dress.  Before she left, she made Joe swear an oath not to tell anyone of what had passed between them. Not because she was ashamed of anything, she just wanted it to be their secret for a while.

Joe solemnly promised, and as he watched her ride away, he felt a twinge of sadness. He couldn’t understand why, since he would be seeing her in less than half an hour, but he was missing her already.

He’d never let any girl get under his skin like she had before.

He found himself whistling to himself as he stripped the sheets off the bed, then bundled them in the back of his car to drop them in at the nearest laundrette while he went to training.

He was still in high spirits as he greeted the others while they went through their pre-training warm up, until Ken came up to him and punched him square in the face.

“What the fuck was that for?” Joe demanded.

“You know what for, what the hell are you playing at?”

Joe picked himself up, rubbing his jaw where the punch had landed. “I haven’t got a clue, wanna fill me in?”

“Interesting, or should I say unfortunate, choice of words,” Ken told him grimly, “since that’s exactly what I want to do.”

“What am I supposed to have done now?” he looked across at Jinpei and Ryu, but they seemed just as mystified as he was.

“Where did you get to last night?”

“A bar, they were having a ‘singles night’.”

“And you picked a girl up?”

“Yeah, if you like.” Joe shrugged, “No big deal.”

That last comment earned him another whack from his commander. “Jinpei was worried sick when Jun didn’t go home last night. He called me, and I went to see if you knew where she was... and you knew exactly where she was, didn’t you?”

“You what!”

“Her bike was outside your trailer, and it didn’t take a genius to work out what was going on inside.”  He grabbed Joe by his shirt, bringing his face so close their noses were almost touching, “If you think I’m going to let you treat her like one of your bimbos, you are sadly mistaken.”

“Then what, Ken?” Joe spat at him, “Keep her locked away in an ivory tower until you decide you’re ready?” he pushed his commander away, taking a step back himself. “You should have stepped up to the mark yourself you know? Maybe given her some clue that you were interested instead of leaving her hanging on. We went out as mates last night, and the blokes were falling over themselves to give her their number, and I’m prepared to bet not one of them would have let her down as badly as you did. If they didn’t measure up, then that’s her choice.”

“Do you love her?”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“It’s a simple enough question. Do. You. Love. Her...”

“Onechan?”  Until now, Ryu and Jinpei had sat quietly observing the altercation, but at the sight of his sister, the Swallow felt he had to speak up, but Ken seemed unable to stop the tirade now he’d begun.

“... or are you finally fed up of your slappers and whores and fancied a piece of fresh meat?”

“Joe?” Jun stepped reluctantly into the room, stopping barely half a meter inside. “You promised not to say anything.”

“I haven’t said a word, Jun, honestly.” Joe started to walk towards her, but she held her hands up in front of her.

“Stay away from me, Joe...” she told him, quickly backing away. When she reached the door once more, she turned and fled down the corridor, Ryu and Jinpei quickly following.

“Jun....wait!” Joe made to go after her too, but Ken’s hand on his shoulder stopped him. Joe spun round to face the Eagle, a mixture of anguish and rage on his face.

“You fucking bastard.” Joe lashed out, again and again, landing punch after punch on his commander. “She just wanted a little while to keep it between us. To be sure of where we were going, but you had to go sticking your oar in, didn’t you.”

“She is not your usual type though Joe.” Ken said in his own defence.

“You think I don’t know that?” Joe sat on the floor, his anger expended, replaced by a sense of loss. “Now it looks like it’s over before it’s really begun.”

“Are you telling me you actually care for her then?”

“Yeah, I am,” he admitted sadly. “She knows me; I can be myself when I’m with her not trying to live up to some public image. She has no preconceptions, no expectations. It wasn’t just physical, at least not for me anyway.”

“And now, thanks to me, she thinks you were just using her after all.”

“I tried to put her off,” Joe continued as if Ken hadn’t said anything, “she really did do all the running.” Joe went on to summarise the evening before. “I gave her every opportunity to say ‘no’, but when she’s stood naked in front of me.... and I’m still trying to convince her it’s a bad idea, even though by then I’m aching for her.”

“Yeah, I’d imagine if I found Jun naked in front of me, I’d find it impossible to resist too. Kudos for trying, I guess.”

Joe chuckled quietly to himself at that comment.

“Look, I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try and put things right for you.” Ken put his wrist up to his mouth and recalled the others to training.

“Aniki?” Jinpei’s voice came over the comm. link, “Onechan’s locked herself in her room, and won’t come out.”

“All of you return to training immediately.”

“On way commander,” both Ryu and Jinpei responded.

“G3 respond.” When she didn’t answer he tried again. “G3, you are going to have to work with us again sooner or later, you’d better start getting used to it now.”

“On way,” she responded at last, but she didn’t sound happy about it though.

When the Owl and Swallow returned, Ken told them all his idea, then as the Swan entered the room Ken took her to one side and had a few words. Joe could only hope he intended to apologise to her for his earlier behaviour.

Whatever he’d said didn’t make much difference to her, she was still giving him the cold shoulder, but they transformed to birdstyle and their training session went without a hitch. Before the end, Ken called for them to practice hand to hand combat, deliberately pairing Jun with Joe.

“What the hell?” Jun objected, “I’ll pair with Jinpei this time...”

“You will pair with Joe, or be put on report for insubordination.” Ken spelled it out in no uncertain terms. “I’m sure you don’t want details of your extra-curricular activities detailed on your permanent record.”

It was a low blow, but it worked, and once the sparring began, the other three sneaked out of the room, leaving them to talk through their differences.

“Ken explained what happened then?” Joe asked, in between strikes.

“Yeah, he said it was his fault.”


“He apologised for blurting it out in front of everyone.”

“You’re ok with that then?”

“Yeah, with Ken anyway.”

“So why the fuck are you still pissed with me?” Jun stopped her onslaught and glared at him, disgust written over her face.

“He asked you straight if you loved me, yet you wouldn’t answer him.”

“No I wouldn’t.”

“So I’m just a piece of fresh meat after all then?”

“I wasn’t going to let him be the first to know now, was I?”

“Know what?” She was preparing to strike again, Joe took up a defence stance.

“How I feel about you.” He blocked her punch easily.

“You could have said ‘no’ easily enough.”

“No, I couldn’t, it would have been a lie.” Joe seized the opportunity, and swept her feet from underneath her. The instant she landed, he climbed on top, pinning her to the floor. “Jun, I didn’t want to tell him I love you before I had told you first.”


“I love you Jun.”

She didn’t respond immediately. She lay still, not attempting to escape from his grasp. Joe sat up, removing his helmet so she could have a clearer view of his face.

“You’re serious?”

Joe nodded earnestly, “yeah, I’ve been trying to deny it for long enough, I never thought you’d ever feel the same way about me, so I tried to block it out, but after last night... I’m not going to fight it any more Jun.” He carefully released her helmet so he could look directly into her eyes. “Just say the word, and I am officially off the market.”

“So, what word would that be then?” she lifted her hand to push a few strands of hair away from his face, tucking it neatly behind his ear. He moaned softly, rubbing his cheek into the palm of her hand.

“Yes,” he told her.

“Yes,” she whispered in response.

“Did I hear you right?” Joe grinned, unable to believe his luck.

“I suppose you did.” She draped her arms around his neck, meeting him halfway for a slow lingering kiss.

“Do you want to bust this joint?” he asked her as they parted, “My quarters are nearby.” He got to his feet, helping her up too.

“I was wondering if you would do something for me.” She slipped her hand into his and squeezed it gently, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“Sure, what is it?”

“Teach me something new.”

“Junie, it would be my pleasure.”
Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. - Epicurus

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Re: Lessons in Love
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