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Bradbury Jar #263. Warning smut story.
« on: January 10, 2017, 05:11:11 CST »
Jun enjoyed these nights, even if her bar and grill was opened, and she had barely any customers walking in the door it gave her a chance to catch up with the boys.

Ken sat in his usual spot, hoping for a top up on his beer, and Joe had only walked through the door after a hard night of racing down at the track.

As usual Joe was pumped with adrenaline after a race and he was thirsty for a few drinks.

The night started out normal.

 Jinpei rushing off to catch up with Ryu for some night fishing leaving the three of them alone in the Snack J.

With Galactor so quiet and Jun feeling bored pulled out a full bottle of tequila and a packet of cards.

Joe and Ken both looked interested in what she proposed.

“We play for shots…this one is on the house.” A mischievous grin played on her lips…as she locked the door of the shack J with a loud click of the key.

They had played this game before, but rarely did it go far, usually before they got a shot or two into the game they were called out on a mission.

Joe and Ken exchanged glances, spying the deck of cards and the bottle. Joe cut the lemons, Ken grabbed the salt. Joe ducked behind the bar and picked an extra bottle of tequila and a few beers for chasers. Bottles of water.

Racing to the upstairs living room the three of them sat around the small table Jun an Jinpei.

Joe shuffled… and dealt out the first round of the poker game as Jun poured the shots, Ken distributed the lemons and sat the salt in the middle of the table.

“Are we ready?” Jun picked up the salt and sprinkled some onto her hand, like an ancient ritual she handed the jar to Joe who did the same passing it onto Ken, the opening ritual began.

“Last one gets to see their cards last.” Ken declared, like an Olympic champion in the warm up round for the race they waited for the signal with anticipation. 

Joe made the call and the game was on!

Lick, sip, suck…. Like lightning together, they licked the salt, threw down the shot and sucked on the lemon. Jun came in last.

A simple start to a game where the stakes get higher by the shot…
Joe and Ken pursued their cards, organising them before Jun picked hers up.

Round one began…

Joe placed his first card onto the table, Ken matched it Jun aced it. Gleefully picking up the cards she called the stakes for the round.

“Whoever loses… “She carefully watched them for their response.“Cleans the Snack J kitchen tomorrow.”

Ken grimaced, Joe baulked. “That’s the best you can do.”

“Joe… You don’t know Jinpei’s idea of cleaning.” Ken’s eyes dropped to his cards as he worked on his strategy to get his tab cleared as a part of a bet.

Jun pulled a face and placed her card on the table, the round commenced until Jun won the round and Joe lost.

“Sucked in Joe.” Ken laughed.

Joe casually sat back in his seat with his poker face. “Nothing I can’t handle…”

The rounds moved on, each time as part of the ritual at the start of each round they had their shots.

Lick, sip, suck… lick, sip, suck…clink, shot glass hits the deck.

More tipsy now they became gamer.

Joe had lost two rounds, Ken three and Jun one.

So far Joe was cleaning the Snack J kitchen, taking out the garbage for a week.

Ken- washing Joe’s car for a month, Cleaning the tables of the snack J for a week.

Jun- Cleaning Joe’s trailer for a week.

The nest round Jun got to hit the red button firing the bird missiles on the next mission.

A few more under the belt, the three off them laugh uncontrollably at the simplest thing the game turned in a new direction.

Joe cast an eye in Jun’s direction. “From now on the loser… takes off one item of clothing.”

Jun’s eyes travelled over the physic of the two well formed, males sitting around the table.

Her curiosity at the two of them naked and if they would follow through, along with a few shots under her belt opened up avenues in her mind, shattered boundaries she lost all inhibitions.

“Are you sure…” Jun tried to hide her interest in his suggestion.
Ken turned bright red and coughed.

“Why not.” A smile bloomed on her face, they lost more than she did.

“How far do we go?” Ken’s blue eyes widened, as he lined up the next round of shots.

“As far as it goes… nothing…totally naked loses!!” Jun dared, tipsy and full of tequila she felt woozy holding up her glass ready to go.

Joe and Ken raised their shot glasses. “You’re on Swannie.” They chimed in taking up the challenge.

Lick, sip, suck… the clean liquid hit her stomach warming her body, as the sour taste of the lemon drowned the taste of the tequila. He cards started to waver before her.

She lost! Jun couldn’t believe it.

“You set the bar…we’re just following it through.” Joe’s roguish grin, sent shivers down her spine along with Ken’s open stare.

She watched as a blush bloomed on Kens face, he waited as Jun pulled off her shirt revealing her white lacy bra. Considering they saw her panties every time she did a summersault it shouldn’t be too much to see her in her white bra.

She neatly folder her shirt over the back of her chair. “Lap it up boys…it’s all your seeing tonight. I’m kicking your butts.”

Lick, sip, suck, SLAM.. damn...

The clatter of broken glass drew their attention to the Condor. “Lucky I brought up spare shot glasses.”

Joe’s lost next, with a seductive move he removed his tight shirt to reveal his taut muscular torso and honey toned skin.

Jun couldn’t resist admiring his physic, and Ken didn’t miss her saucy gaze.

Ken’s turn came to take off a piece of clothing, to Jun’s dismay he took off his shoes.
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Re: Bradbury Jar #263. Warning smut story.
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“What?” She threw her hands in the air.

“You didn’t specify the item of clothing.” Ken pointed out his intense gaze fell on the Condor. “I’m not a show off.”

 Jun shot Joe an inquiring glance, a silent communication and the pair of them dived across the table to tackle the Eagle.

Ken being swift in his response at the ambush threw Jun over his shoulder, and side kicked Joe in the stomach.

The Condor dived at his torso sending Ken flying to the ground.

Jun jumped on top of him yanking at his civvie shirt.

With the help of the Condor she wrestled it off him throwing it across the room perched on  top of him celebrating her victory she watched his intense baby blues with her hands resting on his taut chest, Ken trembled-- Joe broke her gaze indicating they resume the game. 

After that… they all removed their shoes….

“Now we’re all even, time for another shot.” Jun announced holding up her beer chaser, Ken taking the lead poured the next round, with tequila sloshing into the glasses as the Eagle tried to see straight.

Suck, sip, lick… ummm… huh! Smash…

The game resumed in full…

Joe lost his round gracefully, standing up he started to strip off his jeans cowboy style. With a pretend whip, he thrusted his pelvis forward and yeahhhh haaaa he cried. Slowly he pulled them down revealing white jock undies and a nicely formed bulge he threw his jeans across the room. Jun admired the show, Ken laughed.

Suck, sip, who cares… oh the lemon… that’s next….

Ken’s turn came along and he rose to the challenge.

Standing with his back to them he tightened his buttocks revealing, thrusting his pelvis he began his routine of slowly removing his jeans.

Gracefully pivoting on his heels he turned fluidly as faced Jun with smouldering blue eyes that sent her senses on fire.

 She’d never seen Ken like this before, his hot moves not as full on as Joes, but incredibly sexy slow and delibrate in his moves, hot!

Lick, suck… just throw it down will you… beer chaser please…
Jun’s turn came next… Not wanting to be outdone by the boys she jumped up onto the small round table, her seductive moves as she her hips swirled like a belly dancer she undid her belt with two of them starring up at her awe as Jun undid her bra… flinging it across the room for added effect.

Her jeans came down painfully slow with Ken and Joe’s eyes filling with anticipation. Jun finally ended their torture and flung the offending piece of clothing to the other side of the room.
To finish she did a shoulder shimmy as summersaulted in a graceful arc off the table landing like a cat in a perfect stance her bare breasts inches from their faces- with Joe and Ken unable to move from their seats she backed away.

Gulp, Ken drew in a deep breath and started to shuffle the cards. Joe poured the next round…

Jun returned to her seat resume the game…

By the time, they were on the last round of slammers… the underwear needed to be removed.

The climax of the card game was about to begin.

Ken lost first…  by this time a drunk Eagle was revealing a side of his personality that only copious amounts of tequila slammers could ever bring out.

In seductive moves like Jun had never witnessed before Ken stood in front of bringing only side his undies down revealing a part of his bulge as she sat wide eyed in pure torture waiting for him to continue.

He placed her hand on the other side indicating for her to assist him as he pulled her out of her seat gazing into her eyes the whole time he guided her hands to his tight buttocks as she slid her hands and squeezed him tight.

Jun slid them down his toned thighs following them slowly to the ground…and the white cotton undies left his body with a wide arc landing at the top of the staircase.

Jun froze in her drunken dazed state staring at his hard form inches from her lips, dizzy with pleasure she was drawn away from him by the sounds of Joe clearing his throat.

Suck… should I put salt and tequila on your ahhh… with a touch of lemon? Jun wondered staring at Ken.

Joe didn’t let her down when his turn came….

Then Condor whipped his leg around her chair he invited her stand as they tangoed the room he placed her hand on the tip of his jocks.

With his guidance, she slid the cotton jocks down his thigh barely brushing her fingers on his hardened bulge sending her into waves of wanting more of it she pulled off his undies as he twirled her back into her seat breathless…

Jun was the last… being the winner she wasn’t obligated to remove any more clothing… but neither of the boys were going to have that…

That was the time the tequila slammers they’d spend most of the night drinking hit home like a yo-yo bomb on a Galactor base.

The name of the game… slammers, named for the slam it gives as the shots run out and the bottle is empty…

After the tequila slammed home…. Jun lost all sense of what was happening around her.

The next morning….

Jun woke with a throbbing head ache and a dead weight on her arm. The bright morning sunlight filtered through her window, sending blazing darts into her eyes.

Squinting she took in the sight before her and panicked.

Feeling the mop of unruly hair on her stomach she looked down to see Joe fast asleep, next to her breathing on her neck was Ken. All three of them crammed on her single bed and not a piece of clothing between them. 

Jun gulped, trying to remember what happened. Trying to focus past her throbbing hangover as flash backs flinted past her eyes…
Joe easing her panties off her body as his lips worked their way down to breast, his tongue teasing her soft flesh….

Ken’s body behind her, pressing into her as she felt his hard bulge against her, as his hands massaging her breast, hot wet kisses on her neck. Jun moaning loudly wanting more and more from the both of them.

The sweet scent of lovemaking, hung in the atmosphere of her bedroom like the scent from a burning candle, she could feel the lingering effects of penetration between her thighs and fluid trickling down her inner thigh.

But which one got lucky? Jun couldn’t recall the details, parts of the rest of the evening were missing was it Ken or Joe… or both? She consented, and enjoyed it, and that’s all she could remember.
“Onechan, what happened here?” Jinpei’s shocked voice filtered into her room. Terror rushed through her every fibre at the sound of the Swallows voice.
She mouthed. “What the fuck happened last night…”

Brought her crashing back to reality. Dizzy...Swirling sickness rose inside of her.

She imagined a battlefield of flung clothing, three sets of civvies strewed across the room with broken shot glasses, beer bottles and a deck of cards scattered everywhere.

The place would look worse than a mecha meeting its death in dramatic firebird mode.

Their bracelets started to beep as Joe and Ken stirred… this was going to be an interesting mission Jun groaned as the Condor and Eagle gradually woke to the annoying beeping.
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